Best tap water filter in South Africa

Instapure water filter, the original tap mount water filter, since 1975

Tap mount design

Best tap water filter South Africa

The tap mount water filter was originally designed by Instapure, as far back as 1975, and has stood the test of time and technology to remain the best tap water filter system available in South Africa today.

Tap mount convenience

Best tap water filter South Africa

Unlike other water filters solutions, the tap mount offers the best in convenience and provides instantly filtered water at the turn of a tap.

Water filter jugs rely on gravity to slowly filter water whereas the tap mount water filter uses household water pressure to force unfiltered water through the activated carbon filter at an industry best flow rate of over 3 litres per minute.

This water filter solution also removes the health risk posed by filter jugs and containers in which filtered water can sit for days allowing bacteria and algae to flourish.

Best value

Best tap water filter South Africa

The Instapure water filter provides, arguably, the best value for money when considering tap water filter solutions. 

Instapure products are manufactured to exacting standards in the USA and are of significantly better quality than cheaper knock-offs available on the market today. 

At the same time, the Instapure Water Filter unit and the Instapure Replacement Filters are notably cheaper than high-end tap water filters such as the Brita on-tap filter system.

Instapure water filters and cartridges are Gold Seal Certified by the Water Quality Association in the USA and tested to NSF International and  American National Standards Institute criteria.

Eco-friendly bottled water 

Best tap water filter South Africa

Plastic water bottles are a significant contributor to global plastic pollution. This tap mount water filter offers a unique solution. It makes cleaner, better-tasting filtered water instantly available to any household, at exceptional value for money.

Easy Installation

Best tap water filter South Africa

The Instapure on-tap water filter fits most standard taps with removable aerators, and there is no need for a plumber or specialist tools.

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