Tap Water Filter

Bottled water quality

Straight from the kitchen tap

Tap Water Filter

Bottled water quality

Straight from the kitchen tap

Tap Water Filter

Bottled water quality

Straight from the kitchen tap

Instapure Tap Mount Water Filter

Since 1975

Instapure tap water filter - filtered or unfiltered water

Improved water taste

Ideal for improving any water supply that has a noticeable chlorine taste and odour.

Limescale removed

Limescale is removed during filtration creating longer lifespan of domestic appliances such as kettles and irons

Unique design

Instapure’s tap mount water filter design produces an industry-best flow rate of 3 litres per minute and filters 750 litres per cartridge.

Best-in-class filter cartridges

Instapure’s activated carbon filters are easy to change, long-lasting and made to exacting standards in the USA

Convenience, On Tap

Filter up to 5 times more water than a typical water filter jug.

Instant filtered water at the turn of a tap. No waiting around for water to gravity-feed through a filter jug.

No unnecessary filter usage. Switch effortlessly between filtered water for human and pet consumption and unfiltered water for cleaning and washing.

No need for a plumber or specialist tools. The Instapure on-tap water filter fits most standard taps with removable aerators.

Eco-Friendly Bottled Water

Instapure water filters provide cleaner and better-tasting water for people and pets, and are an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional bottled water.

Instapure tap water filter. Household and kitchen water filter. Formerly Waterpik tap filter
Instapure tap mounted water filter. Gold seal certified

Gold Seal Certified

Instapure water filters and cartridges are manufactured in the USA to the highest standards. Gold Seal Certified by the Water Quality Association and tested to NSF International and  American National Standards Institute criteria.

Online Store

Instapure tap mount water filter

The original tap mount water filter system, complete with:

  • 1 x Instapure chrome F2 filter system
  • 1 x R2 filter cartridge
  • Selection of tap mountings to fit most standard taps with removable aerators
  • Instruction manual for installation and maintenance

R595.00 (Incl VAT)

Free shipping

Tap mounted water filter delivered free, across South Africa

Instapure replacement filter cartridges

A set of 4 replacement filters (R2) for the Instapure chrome F2 filter system.

R450.00 (Incl VAT)

1 year supply

With each filter lasting approximately 3 months, a 4-pack of filters provides a year of quality water filtration.

Free shipping

Tap mounted water filter delivered free, across South Africa

Bundle: Tap filter pack + two replacement filters

Get started with an Instapure tap mounted water filter and 9-months of filtered water. The bundle includes:

  • 1 x Instapure chrome F2 filter system complete with one filter
  • 2 additional Instapure replacement filters (R2)

R820.00 (Incl VAT)

Free shipping

Tap mounted water filter bundle delivered free, across South Africa

What customers are saying

Does exactly what it says it does considerably cheaper than similar products and very easy to fit and use.


Great product ! … Looks great, works well. Simple to install. No tools required.Have had mine for the past 5 years. Cartridges readily available. Super quick delivery. Highly recommended.


Excellent product. We use these on the farm and only change the filters every 6 months. Very convenient.



Why does water flow more slowly through the on-tap water filter?

Usual tap water pressure is reduced through the filter because it is forced through a barrier of activated carbon to remove impurities. Compared to filter jugs and other water filter systems, our flow rate of ±3 litres per minute is an industry best.

How often should I change my Instapure filter cartridge?

Instapure filter cartridges filter 750 litres of water which, in a standard household, lasts approximately 3-months. Replace the filter every three months or if you experience a noticeable reduction in water flow. It’s important to change your filter regularly to maintain filtered water quality. If you live in an area with ‘hard’ water, consider increasing the frequency of filter changes.

Can I clean my Instapure filter in a dishwasher?

Do not use abrasive cleaners or place your Instapure water filter in a dishwasher. Should the chrome system parts need cleaning, wipe them with a soft sponge soaked in vinegar or submerge in vinegar for tougher dirt buildup. Do not attempt to clean the filter cartridge, and be sure to remove it before cleaning.

Can I connect my Instapure filter to a hot water outlet?

Do not connect your Instapure water filter to a hot water tap. Use only with cold water.

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